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Feb 21
Lack of Respect: A Hidden Culprit Behind Gun Control Inaction
21 Feb, 2018. 0 Comments. Change, Engagement, Managing Conflict. Posted By: Steve Saars
America experiences a mass shooting -- defined as 4+ victims killed, including the shooter -- on an average of one per day. In the first few weeks of 2018, there have already been nine school shootings that resulted in serious injury or death. According to many studies, this is unique to our country; no other developed nation comes even close to having the level of gun violence that we have. After every mass shooting, people usually align themselves into two camps: those who insist something must be done to curb gun violence, and those who strongly defend the rights of…
Feb 20
When Employees are Ripe to Fill the Gaps in their Leadership Skills
20 Feb, 2018. 0 Comments. Books, Leadership Presence, Respectful Leadership. Posted By: Steve Saars
One of the foundational practices I detail in my book, The Respectful Leader, is looking for diamonds in the rough. Leaders who acknowledge their team's excellence in skills and perspectives foster an environment where employees feel respected. Respect creates greater loyalty among employees and commitment to go the extra mile. This recognition also inspires a growth culture where team leads are empowered and motivated to further develop their leadership skills. Forbes Contributor Jeff Boss recently interviewed leadership coach Sacha Lindekens, author of How Leaders Improve: A Playbook for Leaders Who Want to Get Better Now. The book details the RIPEN…
Feb 6
How the #MeToo Movement Will Influence Company Culture in 2018
6 Feb, 2018. 0 Comments. Diversity & Inclusion, Managing Conflict, Respectful Leadership. Posted By: Steve Saars
After the recent thunderstorm of high-profile sexual harassment allegations in the media, the #MeToo movement is shaking down bad behavior in the workplace and demanding action. In the process, this spotlight has revealed how destructive and costly sexual harassment is to individuals and to the reputations of corporations who’ve turned a blind eye to these serious situations. In a recent Inc. Magazine editorial, Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff predicts three ways in which the #MeToo movement will prompt businesses to adopt greater transparency and invest in human resource programs that inspire unprecedented diversity, inclusivity, and accountability. Workplace Transparency Startups | Many…
Jan 19
Advocating for Respect: Overcoming Skeptics Who Claim We’re Oversensitive and Too Politically Correct
19 Jan, 2018. 0 Comments. Leadership Presence, Respectful Leadership. Posted By: Steve Saars
Hearing about Donald Trump’s recent meeting in which he made disrespectful comments about immigrants and other countries reminded me of an incident I witnessed over 20 years ago, while facilitating a corporate leadership strategy session. I watched – paralyzed – as the CEO of a global company literally screamed obscenities and personal abuse at his direct reports for failing to meet their business goals. While it was a scene I hope never to witness again, it marked the beginning of a life studying and teaching others about the nature and power of respect. How Far We’ve Come | What We…
Jan 16
5 Non-Confrontational Ways to Encourage Employee Accountability
16 Jan, 2018. 0 Comments. Engagement, Productivity & Performance, Uncategorized. Posted By: Gregg Ward
When managing a project, sometimes it takes a little extra TLC to get your team on board, working at their greatest potential, and delivering maximum results. But few people enjoy working while being observed through a microscope. So how do you encourage employees without coming across as pushy or confrontational? Entrepreneur Guest Writer Lucas Miller offers his secret recipe for successful project management that naturally cultivates employee accountability. Assess Capabilities | Great leaders challenge employees to push beyond their perceived limits. But pushing too far can set both parties up for failure. Before you assign a task or judge an…
Jan 2
To Be a Great Leader, Learn to Delegate
2 Jan, 2018. 0 Comments. Engagement, Productivity & Performance. Posted By: Gregg Ward
One of the greatest challenges for many new managers lies in a self-transformation from task master to leader. This transition involves the ability to effectively delegate responsibilities to other team members and empower them to succeed. Harvard Business Review Contributor Jesse Sostrin discusses this common management dilemma and offers strategies to help streamline your workflow, build employee competency, and boost your leadership impact. While your coworkers may admire your willingness to roll up your sleeves and get the job done, you’ll inevitably overextend yourself and alienate team members from valuable work experience when holding onto tasks that should be delegated.…
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