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May 22
Modeling Respectful Behavior: Whose Job Is It?
22 May, 2018. 0 Comments. Leadership Presence, Managing Conflict, Respectful Leadership. Posted By: Steve Saars
When I’m working with a new client and making a case for modeling respectful behavior in the workplace, there is an inevitable hurdle to clear first: acknowledging there is a problem, so leaders stop passing the buck on accountability. If I’ve heard this complaint once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. Every time I show managers and leaders the data that clearly demonstrates our workplaces are becoming increasingly disrespectful, someone starts to complain, saying “Aren’t employees just too sensitive these days? Managers and supervisors are always having to walk on eggshells.” I’ll admit, I find this question challenging, because not…
May 8
Build Your Business with Internal Leadership Development
8 May, 2018. 0 Comments. Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Presence, Respectful Leadership. Posted By: Steve Saars
For any manager, it’s a real shame to lose good people on your team. Employee turnover is also very expensive. Most companies invest thousands of dollars in hiring and training, not to mention loss of productivity during each transition. Yet, more than a third of employers are expecting to lose employees to competitors this year due to dissatisfaction over salary and advancement opportunities, according to a recent Glassdoor survey. Another study estimates that for every 10 months an employee is stagnant with no promotion or raise, they’re 1 percent more likely to leave the company. These statistics are clear evidence…
Apr 18
Disrespectful Behavior at Work: When the Facts Offend
18 Apr, 2018. 0 Comments. Managing Conflict, Respectful Leadership. Posted By: Steve Saars
Recently, I gave a talk at a major HR conference where I referred to data demonstrating that, while the frequency of and sensitivity to disrespectful behavior at work has been steadily increasing over the last 20 years, there appears to have been an uptick following the election of Donald Trump. I concluded this segment of my talk by saying, “I think we can agree that from an HR perspective, this [increased disrespect] is not a good thing.” A few weeks later, while reviewing the written evaluations, I noticed one participant wrote that my statement was offensive, saying I had “disrespected…
Apr 11
Gregg Ward to Speak at Disrupt HR 3.0
11 Apr, 2018. 0 Comments. Events, Press. Posted By: Steve Saars
See Gregg Ward speak at Disrupt HR 3.0, an information exchange designed to energize, inform, and empower executives, business leaders, and people in the HR field. At this public event, speakers from CEOs to top HR professionals have 5 minutes to blow your mind with their engaging presentations. Gregg will present his keynote presentation, "The Hidden Power of Respect," on May 3rd. His presentation will cover Respectful Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Executive Presence. The third annual Disrupt HR 3.0 conference takes place May 3 from 5 p.m.-8:15 p.m. Read the full brochure. To attend the event, please register here.
Apr 4
6 Steps to Rebuilding Respect at Work
4 Apr, 2018. 0 Comments. Collaborative Innovation, Managing Conflict, Productivity & Performance. Posted By: Gregg Ward
When I published my most recent book, The Respectful Leader, in 2016, employee surveys were giving us early warning signals of disrespectful behavior increasing in the workplace. Leading up to the U.S. presidential election, the political climate and the amount of incivility in public discourse continued to heat up. Shortly afterward, disrespect started to rocket upwards in the workplace. Over the past few months, debates have escalated over gun control, healthcare, immigration, sexual harassment, and other issues. With political divides seemingly at an all-time high, it can often feel like all respect is lost amid the tension. So what's the…
Mar 20
“The Respectful Leader” Wins Gold Medal
20 Mar, 2018. 0 Comments. Books, Press. Posted By: Gregg Ward
“The Respectful Leader: Seven Ways to Influence Without Intimidation” by Gregg Ward wins gold medal from the Axiom Business Book Awards SAN DIEGO, CA — “The Respectful Leader: Seven Ways to Influence Without Intimidation” by Gregg Ward has won a gold medal in the Business Fable category from the Axiom Business Book Awards, the largest and most respected critical guidepost for business books in today's new world of publishing. “Respect in the workplace has to be learned, practiced, and we all need to be held accountable for it,” says Axiom Awards Director, Jim Barnes. “This story has an emotional impact that…
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