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How To Instill Mindfulness in the Workplace
12 Sep, 2017. 0 Comments. Productivity & Performance, Respectful Leadership. Posted By: Gregg Ward

Modern office employees are surrounded by a constant flood of information. They have to constantly manage notifications, apps, devices and real-time requests on top of demanding job tasks. Too much clutter can produce a culture of disinterest and disconnection. Jeff Pruitt, Chairman and CEO of Tallwave, offers insights in his article, “3 Ways Leaders Can Instill Mindfulness At Work.”

Start with the leadership. Creating a positive culture starts at the top. As a leader within the organization, you need to create a space that allows you and your employees to bring innovative, strategic thinking into their positions. It’s easy for leaders to slip into a technician role or act as a “doer” in order to keep up with a busy workload. To combat this, evaluate yourself as a manager and how you see yourself a year from now. What can you change in the next 30, 60, 90 days to get to where you want to be? Assign specific, actionable goals to develop the necessary skills such as listening, being present, and supporting your team. When you create a model for your team to follow, they will adopt similar practices and bring those methods into their work.

Allot time to refresh. There are various methods to practice mindfulness in the workplace. Try bringing your team together at least once a quarter to reflect on the company’s goals, milestones you’ve accomplished discuss what worked and what didn’t and brainstorm how the company can improve. Give your employees a half-day off on a Friday for a personal day. The extra time is a great way for everyone to reflect and rejuvenate.

Restructure time. Encourage employees to be more conscious of their tasks each day. Block out specific times for small tasks, high-priority items, and creative or strategic work. This helps compartmentalize your workflow and prevents you from getting too overwhelmed with assignments.

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