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#MeToo movement sexual harrassment
How the #MeToo Movement Will Influence Company Culture in 2018
6 Feb, 2018. 0 Comments. Diversity & Inclusion, Managing Conflict, Respectful Leadership. Posted By: Gregg Ward

After the recent thunderstorm of high-profile sexual harassment allegations in the media, the #MeToo movement is shaking down bad behavior in the workplace and demanding action. In the process, this spotlight has revealed how destructive and costly sexual harassment is to individuals and to the reputations of corporations who’ve turned a blind eye to these serious situations.

In a recent Inc. Magazine editorial, Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff predicts three ways in which the #MeToo movement will prompt businesses to adopt greater transparency and invest in human resource programs that inspire unprecedented diversity, inclusivity, and accountability.

Workplace Transparency Startups | Many companies currently rely on time-consuming annual surveys to take a snapshot of company culture, often shedding light on problems months after they occur. A soon-to-launch platform, called AllVoices, offers employees a safe, anonymous method to report harassment and discrimination directly and immediately to leadership. This method allows CEOs and board members to get real-time insight into an organization’s culture, identify issues as they occur, and correct them in a timely manner. Expect more culture-focused HR ventures like these to launch in 2018.

Increased Board & Investor Interest in Company Culture | Board and investor meetings aren’t just focusing on spreadsheets and financial projections. More stakeholders are asking tough questions about company culture because they have a greater understanding that engaging in and/or tolerating disrespectful behavior in the workplace is simply too costly. Decades of research make it abundantly clear that companies who treat employees with respect have higher retention, productivity, trust, and teamwork.

Company Cultures Designed to Thrive | No longer an afterthought in business development, company culture is at the forefront of leadership objectives. Expect to see more leaders and employees held accountable for disrespectful behavior. At the same time, companies are creating and reinventing environments where diversity and inclusion are top priority and highlighted in their core values. These companies know that employees who are respected for their experience, talents, and skills become personally invested in outcomes — both short- and long-term — and consistently go the extra mile.

Read the full editorial. Then pick up a copy of my book, The Respectful Leader, to learn more about achieving sustainable success with a simple behavioral paradigm shift.

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