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Tools & Techniques | Owning Your Mistakes
26 Jul, 2017. 0 Comments. Leadership Presence, Managing Conflict, Productivity & Performance, Respectful Leadership. Posted By: Gregg Ward

Unless you’re perfect (is anyone?), chances are you’re going to make at least one or two mistakes in your career. Although you may fear the repercussions from admitting a mistake, denying it will only make matters worse. You’re more likely to be forgiven (and keep your job) if you own your mistakes. Here’s how.

  1. Own it. Admit that you made a mistake and describe it.
  2. Make no excuses. Don’t blame anyone or anything. Just say, “This is on me.”
  3. Describe the impact. Acknowledge the potential impact of your mistake.
  4. Described what you learned. Ensure people know you are learning from this mistake.
  5. Suggest a workable solution. Try to come up with something you can do to fix it.
  6. Request permission to try to make it right. People need to know you want to make it right, and that you’re not going to go ahead without making sure they’re okay with your plan.
  7. Don’t repeat it. Learn from your mistake.

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